Meet the Thomson Family

Sean Thomson, Co-founder & CEO

Sean has real estate investing in his veins.  Over the last decade Sean has been perfecting his processes of scouting, acquiring, and investing in real estate.  His approach and philosophy is informed by his passion for building wealth and achieving financial freedom for his family and his investors. Sean considers the health of his investors financially and personally to be one of the most rewarding parts of pursuing financial freedom. He loves to find and encourage fellow investors so he founded Thomson Multi-Family Group to allow interested, accredited and sophisticated investors to partake in the investment opportunities that he develops throughout the country.


Sean’s leadership and pursuit for perfection is informed by his work with the US Cycling Team where he helped them win Olympic medals.  The processes and commitment the entire team undertakes to achieve their goals helped Sean build Thomson Multi-Family Group in a way that curates the potential in every investor and investment.


Sean’s investing success and skills helps him in supporting his family, community, and investors through proven real estate investing strategies.  Thomson Multi-Family Group is a family business that is dedicated to building wealth for investors so that they can support their family, provide opportunities to their community, and achieve their version of their Next Level American Dream.

Abigail Thomson, Co-founder & CMO

Abigail Thomson has been building the foundations of success through her attendance and graduation from the University of Arkansas Walton College of Business. She has been able to acquire knowledge and skills from experts in the industry during her time at the university, as well as watch and learn from her father over the years. This unique experience has allowed Abigail to be more than equipped and ready to tackle the real estate industry head on. 


As the CMO of Thomson Multi-Family Group, Abigail has been able to effectively communicate the company’s goals and mission with all involved at every stage. She is able to bring a young perspective that creates a fresh and new dynamic to the group. She is constantly trying to innovate and bring creative ideas to the table. She is excited to take these concepts and create her version of the Next Level American Dream.

Diana Thomson, COO

Diana Thomson has a background in the retail industry with 32 years of experience managing over $1 billion in sales and inventory. She has a passion for numbers and analytical detail which allowed her to become a valued member of her team and eventually a director in the department. As a director she gained valuable corporate leadership and management skills that ensured that the business strategy was executed fully. 


In the summer of 2020, Diana decided to move on from the retail industry and join the Thomson Multi-Family Group as the Chief Operations Officer. Her vast knowledge and experience as a director of such large accounts makes her especially qualified to take on this position. She is quickly becoming an expert in underwriting which translates to being able to find the best deals for investors. She hopes to bring all of these skills and experiences into the real estate industry to help achieve the Next Level American Dream.

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