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What does a good deal look like as a Passive Investor?

Here are the 5 Key Deal Components Every Passive Investor Should Review

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Next Level American Dream

Welcome to 'Next Level American Dream' Podcast brought to you by Thomson Multifamily Group. Your hosts Abigail and Sean will discuss how you can take your American Dream to the Next Level through real estate investing, business practices, and personal development. Join us as we share our experiences as a father daughter duo who are trying to accomplish their goals of financial freedom. We hope you learn more about how to define and achieve your American Dream.

Are you knowledgable in real estate, business or personal development? Would you like to be a guest on our show? 

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The 5 Key Deal Components Every Passive Investor Should Review

Real estate syndication makes it easy to invest in real estate without being an active participant in the deal. Yet passive investors must always do their due diligence to ensure they are comfortable with the risk factors of the deal. While your syndicator is likely incredibly excited about putting together a real estate syndication and is likely putting twenty to thirty percent of the capital down, you must ensure that the numbers aren't too good to be true.


As a passive investor, your syndicators will send deal packages and executive summaries to see the willingness to invest in a new multifamily real estate deal. But sometimes the numbers on these sheets will knowingly or unknowingly contain mistakes. While you rarely hear of syndicators that present false information to put together a deal, it is more common to use aggressive projections to make the investment seem more profitable than it is. Most of the time this happens due to inexperience and a misunderstanding of the multifamily real estate market.


Knowing that it is possible to receive deal sheets that make inaccurate assumptions about multifamily real estate investments, what can you do to protect yourself? The best thing to do as a passive investor is to understand how deals are structured. You can do this by understanding the 5 key deal components passive investors review, listed below. Once you are aware of these important components of a real estate deal, you will be a much more informed passive investor, and make fewer mistakes with your hard-earned money. Let's begin!

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Our purpose is to create generational wealth for ourselves, family and investors through the acquisition of multifamily real estate, while adding value to the community and the people that live there.


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Take Their Word For It

Sean Thomson is your “go to” person for real estate. Sean is honest, hard-working and very knowledgeable about real estate. Sean always puts his client's interest ahead of his own. If you want to invest in real estate, you can count on Sean to find the best project, put together a plan to make it profitable and give it his all to make it successful. Sean always does what he says

he is going to do.

Nancy Chillag


My experience has been entirely satisfactory. I know he has more than a decade of experience and I’ve seen that he has the skills to find and accurately evaluate the profit potential of real estate investment properties. In my dealings with Sean, I have found that he is easy to work with and definitely possesses the characteristics that make him a trustworthy business partner. I would recommend Sean without hesitation.

Bob McClure


Deborah and I would like to thank you for your straight forward and consistent execution of your contract with us. Over almost two years into our contract as hard money lenders, you have consistently executed your payment obligations in a timely fashion without fail. We look forward to future investment opportunities. It’s a pleasure doing business with you.

Thomas Thomson


Meet the Thomson Family


Managing Partner & CEO


 Over the last decade Sean has been perfecting his processes of scouting, acquiring, and investing in real estate.  His approach and philosophy is informed by his passion for building wealth and achieving financial freedom for his family and his investors. Sean considers the health of his investors financially and personally to be one of the most rewarding parts.



Managing Partner & CMO


She has been able to acquire knowledge and skills from experts in the industry during her time at the university, as well as watch and learn from her father over the years. This unique experience has allowed Abigail to be more than equipped and ready to tackle the real estate industry head on. She is able to bring a young perspective that creates a fresh and new dynamic to the group. 





Diana Thomson has a background in the retail industry with 32 years of experience managing over $1 billion in sales and inventory. Her vast knowledge and experience as a director of such large accounts makes her especially qualified to take on this position. She is quickly becoming an expert in underwriting which translates to being able to find the best deals for investors. 


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